Fred Martin's Police Investigations

Yes, it's true, Fred Martin was caught at Centennial High School (there were multiple witnesses) where he was seen inside the girls restroom with a long coat and gloves on. Police were notified and an investigation was launched into his creepy behavior. The investigation was only halted after an Idaho State Police officer who attended Fred's church tipped off Fred that an investigation was being done on him.

Here are some highlights from the police reports:

“A male custodian was in the girls bathroom cleaning it, when [Fred] walked in, as soon as [Fred] saw the custodian, [Fred] quickly left the bathroom.”

“Another custodian also reported that she walked outside and was startled when she saw [Fred] hiding underneath a tree (with no lighting) that was against the building. She was so startled that she screamed.”

“The custodian stated that...he went back to the same women’s bathroom; and as he was entering, he observed [Fred] Martin behind a privacy wall inside the bathroom. [Fred] Martin was wearing a long dress coat and had gloves on both hands. [The custodian] indicated he was startled because [Fred] Martin was inside the women’s bathroom, peering, and had gloves on.”

“During the interview [Fred] Martin denied ever going into the girls’ restroom despite being told there was a witness that saw him in the girls’ bathroom. Martin’s statement changed during the interview as he stated ‘I did not in my opinion go into the girls’ bathroom.’ Martin then made a statement about defining when the bathroom begins and when it ends.”

“[The Detective] explained his concern to [Fred] Martin about the truthfulness of his statements because his statements were contradictory to what was observed on the surveillance footage.”

“Martin then gave an explanation that he has a bad memory, and can’t remember certain things.”

Read the entire Police Reports yourself—they are quite disgusting and creepy:
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Actual image from surveillance footage of Fred Martin at Centennial High (from the Police Reports which you can download below):