Fred Martin Revealed All the facts about Fred Martin that have been hidden from you.

Fred Martin's Police Investigations

Yes, it's true, Fred Martin was caught at Centennial High School (there were multiple witnesses) where he was seen inside the girls restroom with a long coat and gloves on. Police were notified and an investigation was launched into his creepy behavior. The investigation was only halted after an Idaho State Police officer who attended Fred's church tipped off Fred that an investigation was being done on him.

Fred Martin's Voting Record

Fred Martin has the most atrocious record of any Republican Senator in the entire Idaho State Senate. No other Republican has done as much to destroy liberty, increase regulations, harm parental rights, expand government overreach, and even hurt the pro-life cause (Martin insists he is pro-life, while his voting record declares the oposite). Take a look at Fred Martin's voting record for yourself.

Fred Martin's Reputation and Lies

Fred Martin has earned the reputation of being the most liberal Republican Senator in the Idaho State Senate. He is also well known in political circles as a political pawn and yes man who does the bidding of special interest groups like IACI. He is also considered to be one whose words can't be trusted by those who have interacted with him and caught him telling multiple lies—all while he denies it, even when it is shown to him. Take a look for yourself at the evidence…

If Fred Martin is so bad, why do District 15 voters keep voting for him?

Because he is their neighbor, Sunday School teacher, friend, etc. And too many people vote for someone because they "know him" and think they are nice or friendly, but they have no idea what they actually do in the legislature. It is time for this to stop!
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Actual images from surveillance footage of Fred Martin at Centennial High (from the Police Reports which you can download on this page).